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Supersize your truck driving skills with comprehensive driver training from PK’s Truckwise

C - Motor Vehicle

LR - Light Rigid

MR - Medium Rigid.

HR - Heavy Rigid.

HC - Heavy Combination

MC - Multi Combination

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heavy vehicle driver training mackay queenslandPeter lewis from Pk's truckwise Heavy Vehicle Training has reveled that a lack of concentration, courtesy, awareness of road conditions and proper vehicle control are key factors contributing to many heavy vehicle related accidents on our roads.

Mr Lewis said that for the last 30 years he has recognized a need to improve the safety of the road transport industry and PK's Truckwise was created in order to support the safety of this industry.

"We train drivers to be able to appreciate heavy vehicles and able to share roads with other traffic," he said. "We also try to impart basic defensive driving skills which will assist drivers being aware of hazards and help them to react to the road conditions. We also train in safe driving techniques, vehicle control and the ability to recognize and use road rules."

driver training heavy vehicles machinery training mackay queenslandPK's Truckwise trains learner drivers, or current drivers to operate heavy vehicles and emphasizes the different skills required compared to driving a car, or a light vehicle.

Teaching is variable and includes, in vehicle and practical methods. Mr. Lewis believes that there is a need to educate and train drivers to overcome the heavy vehicle driver shortage in the road transport industry. However, he points out that not all people obtaining heavy vehicle licenses do so to enter the transport industry." It can be for recreational, industrial and lifestyle vehicles like motor homes, mechanical industry, emergency services, work at the mines and operating heavy machinery as well.

PK's Truckwise aims to continue to help lift the confidence and standard of driving in the operation of heavy vehicles and vehicle control and Mr Lewis would like to extend an invitation to any drivers who wish to do so.

"All drivers who obtain a license, either car or truck, should always remember that it is just a starting point. It takes continuous effort on their part to continue to know road rules and abide by them and to control their vehicle in a safe manner. It takes years to become a Professional driver."


C - Motor Vehicle -
less than or equal to 4.5t GVM which carries no more than 12 passengers
(including driver) plus trailer of no more than 9t GVM.
To: Light Rigid (LR) or Medium Rigid (MR) From: Car (C)
How: Hold an open or provisional C licence for the required 12 months.

LR - Light Rigid - a vehicle (no axle limit) which is greater then 4.5t GVM, but less than or equal
to 8t GVM plus trailer of not more than 9t GVM (also includes vehicle which carry more the
12 passengers but weigh less than 4.5t).

MR - Medium Rigid - a vehicle (2 axles only) which is greater than 8t GVM, plus a trailer of not
more than 9t GVM.

pk truckwise driver training mackay queenslandHR - Heavy Rigid - a vehicle (no axle limit) which is greater than 8t GVM, plus a trailer of no more than 9t GVM.
To: Heavy Rigid (HR) From: Light Rigid (LR), Medium Rigid (MR).
How: Hold an open or provisional Car licence for the required 24 months or hold an open or provisional LR or MR licence for the required 12 months.

HC - Heavy Combination - either a heavy rigid vehicle with a trailer greater than 9t GVM, or a prime mover and semi trailer.
To: Heavy Combination (HC) From: Medium Rigid (MR) or Heavy Rigid (HR).
How: Hold an open or provisional MR or HR licence for the required 12 months.

MC - Multi Combination - either a B-Double or Road Train.
To: Multiple Combination (MC) From: Heavy Rigid (HR) or Heavy Combination (HC).
How: Hold an open or provisional HR or HC licence for the required 12 months and pass an
approved training course.
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